Orange County Labor Day DUI Checkpoints (2015)


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Orange County Labor Day DUI Checkpoints (2015)

Orange County Labor Day DUI Checkpoints (2015)

(UPDATED 9/4): Orange County Labor Day DUI Checkpoints have been announced and scheduled for Labor Day Weekend, September, 2015. Always remember safety first and bookmark this page, which our Orange County DUI Lawyers will update through labor day and beyond.

As we have stated before in a detailed article on Why DUI Checkpoints Don’t Work, DUI checkpoints are designed around funding, officer overtime, and grants, and as such are all about money, not about safety.  DUI Saturation Patrols are much more effective at removing drunk drivers from Orange County roadways and highways.

On Sept. 4th, 2015, there will be a Tustin DUI checkpoint, a Fullerton DUI Checkpoint, a Seal Beach DUI Checkpoint located at Seal Beach Blvd. and Adolfo Lopez, North of Pacific Coast Highway in Seal Beach, a La Habra DUI Checkpoint, an Anaheim DUI Checkpoint, and a Santa Ana DUI checkpoint, which will take place in the City of Santa Ana, at 500 West First Street, from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m..

From August 21, 2015, until Labor Day on September 7, 2015, law enforcement is partnering up together in enforcing Orange County DUI laws, and all across the state and nationwide. The goal is to increase drunk driving arrests, through DUI checkpoints and increased officers on the road.

Orange County’s DUI Task Force kicked off their operations on August 28th, 2015.

The City of Garden Grove DUI checkpoint was from 8 pm Friday (the 28th) through 1 a.m. Saturday.

The Newport Beach DUI checkpoint began at the same time but continued through 2 a.m. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department conducted a DUI checkpoint in San Clemente on August 29th also.

There were also “saturation patrols,” where officers are specially assigned to cruise for DUI drivers, last weekend to look for City of Orange DUI drivers, and all weekend in Fullerton, Costa Mesa and Garden Grove.

Away from Orange County, there is a Signal Hill DUI checkpoint this weekend as well.

OC DUI Saturation Patrols will be conducted in force Sept. 3rd through 5th in Costa Mesa, Sept. 4th in Anaheim, Sept. 5-6th in Santa Ana, Sept. 5-7th in Fullerton and every weekend through Sept. 7th in Garden Grove.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) will continue their deployment of all available officers onto freeways and county roads as part of their Maximum Enforcement Period over an 18 day period culminating in the three-day holiday Labor Day weekend.

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