Being arrested for DUI is traumatic


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Being arrested for DUI is traumatic

Being arrested for DUI is traumatic

being arrested for dui is traumatic

Being arrested for DUI is traumatic as an experience.  The entire process of being arrested for DUI, and being booked into county jail is very much a shock for most people.

In Orange County, most arrestees are brought to the Orange County Central Jail in Santa Ana.  This is true whether you are arrested by the California Highway Patrol, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, or any of a number of local police agencies from Anaheim DUI to Newport Beach DUI arrests.

Being arrested for DUI is traumatic, and can feel like you are in the planet of the apes.  The Orange County Jail is part of the training for new graduates of the policy academy, and so it is staffed full of new officers that are eager to prove that they are the boss, and that you cannot control or break them.  They do not want to give you any rights in jail, and they do not want to show any mercy. The good news is, unless you have an extensive criminal history, you won’t have to go back there.

Being arrested for DUI is traumatic, but most people arrested get probation for an Orange County DUI, without having to go back to jail.

A big part of our job as Orange County DUI Lawyers is to tell you what to expect from a DUI charge.  In many ways your lawyer or law firm will take on much of the stress of handling the case – appearing in court, analyzing the issues, negotiating with the judge or prosecutor, or handling a jury trial.

But the truth is that much of this process will be expensive, inconvenient, and mildly humiliating, depending on your personality.  For a first time DUI, the system wants to educate you to death via alcohol school.  For a second time DUI or third time DUI (or higher) DUI, the system wants to punish you to teach you a lesson.

Please let us guide you and help you through all of this, and help minimize the impact on you.  Contact us today. 

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