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Newport Beach DUI Attorneys

Individuals arrested for a suspected DUI in Newport Beach fall under the jurisdiction of the Orange County Criminal courts and the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). In Newport Beach and throughout the state,DUI convictions mandate strict penalties that can have a significant impact on your financial stability and personal freedom.

If you have been arrested for a DUI anywhere in California, it is imperative that you retain professional legal counsel immediately! You only have 10 calendar days for your attorney to schedule a DMV hearing to dispute the suspension of your driver’s license. DO NOT SCHEDULE THE DMV HEARING YOURSELF!

At Robert Miller & Associates, our accomplished Newport Beach DUI lawyer has an impressive track record of success advocating for our clients who have been accused of a DUI or other criminal charges. With nearly 20 years of experience representing individuals throughout southern California,our extensive trial abilities have earned us a reputation as a formidable litigator, highly knowledgeable in the nuances of DUI defense.

Our founding attorney’s fervent protection of driver’s rights has garnered Attorney Robert Miller numerous accolades, including the following:

  • Membership into the National College for DUI Defense®
  • Membership into California DUI Lawyers Association
  • Superb Avvo Rating from his peers

Additionally, our DUI defense lawyer is certified in field sobriety testing. This type of certification provides our firm with an in-depth understanding of what is entailed in the administration of a field sobriety test. Accordingly, we have the keen insight needed to challenge field sobriety results in court.

Don’t delay in obtaining the assertive representation you need. For all aspects of your DUI defense, contact our firm today to schedule a free case evaluation with our experienced Newport Beach DUI attorney.

Important Resources

We recognize that confronting a DUI charge in Newport Beach can create a wide array of questions and concerns, not the least of which include the department that has jurisdiction of your case and where it is located.

The following are links to the agencies that will be pertinent to your legal situation, as well as additional helpful resources:

Robert Miller & Associates is highly committed to serving the needs of our clients and our community. If you or a loved one would like the location of a local substance abuse support group or DMV-approved DUI schools, please feel free to call our office for assistance.

DMV Driver Safety Office Handling your Orange County DUI Arrest DMV Hearing


Irvine DMV Driver Safety Office
16735 Von Karman, #110,
Irvine, California 92606-4953
Phone (949) 440-4416
Fax (949) 440-4424


Information on the Courthouse and Police Department that serve the City of Newport Beach,California

Newport Beach DUI Information

City of Newport Beach
Newport Beach Police Department

Harbor Justice Center

Limited Jurisdiction DUI filings from Balboa
Island DUI, Costa Mesa DUI , Newport
Beach DUI, Irvine DUI, Santa Ana Heights
DUI, John Wayne Airport DUI, Lido Isle
DUI and surrounding areas
4601 Jamboree Road
Newport Beach, CA 92660-2595
Telephone: (949) 476-4765
Website: Orange County Superior Court

Criminal Operations:

Criminal: (949) 476-4765
Fax: (949) 476-4752

Alcohol Liaison:

Telephone: (949) 476-4624
Courthouse location: Harbor Court. 2nd
Floor Room 225

District Attorney –Harbor Justice Deputy:

4601 Jamboree Road Newport Beach, CA 92663
Telephone: (949) 476-4650
Facsimile: (949) 476-4623
Website: Orange County District Attorney

Public Defender:

Telephone: (949) 476-4888
Website: Orange County Public Defender

Sheriff’s Court Operations:

Telephone: (949) 476-4822
Website: Sheriff’s Court Operations

Orange County Probation:

Telephone: (949) 249-5029
Website: Orange County Probation

Victim Witness Assistance:

Telephone: (949) 476-4855
Website: Victim Witness Assistance

California Highway Patrol – Santa Ana Branch

2031 E. Santa Clara Ave.
Santa Ana 92705-7838
Tel: 714-567-6000
Website: CHP

Map to the Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach, California


Judge’s Name,

Courthouse Location and Department,


ANDERSON, MARGARET R. Harbor Justice Center – Newport Beach H06 (657) 622–5406


Harbor Justice Center – Newport Beach / Supervising Judge H04 (657) 622–5404


Harbor Justice Center – Newport Beach H10 (657) 622–


Harbor Justice Center – Newport Beach H14 (657) 622–5414


Harbor Justice Center – Newport Beach H12 (657) 622–5412


Harbor Justice Center – Newport Beach H02 (657) 622–5402


Harbor Justice Center – Newport Beach H08 (657) 622–5408


Harbor Justice Center – Newport Beach H07 (657) 622–5407

ODRIOZOLA, JAMES S. (COMM.) Harbor Justice Center – Newport Beach (657) 622–5258



Harbor Justice Center – Newport Beach H11 (657) 622–5411


Harbor Justice Center – Newport Beach H13 (657) 622–5413

(List is current as of February 22, 2010. Judicial assignments do change,
so check with the court if your matter is already assigned to a particular
judge or commissioner).

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