What can I do to help my DUI?


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What can I do to help my DUI?

What can I do to help my DUI?

As Orange County DUI Attorneys, our law firm often is asked what individuals can do before their court date to help their DUI.  So, what can you do to help your DUI?

Short of building a time machine, and going back in time and avoiding being arrested, there are certain things you can do that may help your case, or shorten the time period that you may suffer from some of the unavoidable consequences.

Keep in mind that you are generally not going to do much about facts that have already occurred.  When you have bad facts involved in a DUI case, and you can’t change those facts, then your DUI defense lawyer has three options:

  • To present evidence that minimizes the impact of those bad facts; or
  • To gather additional evidence that shows that those bad facts might be explained differently than originally thought (for example, maintenance and calibration issues involved with the breath test or blood test); or
  • To analyze the facts of the entire case to see if any legal or factual issues exists that may dismiss or reduce the case.

Here are some things that may help your case:

  1. Taking AA classes, enrolling in rehab, or taking your alcohol school right away.  If you feel that you have an addiction problem, then proactively taking action, before the court orders you to take action, shows responsibility.  AA classes are free and may help you maintain sobriety.  Rehabilitation programs (“rehab”), may give you credit for jail time, if jail time is a possibility.  And the same alcohol school is used for both the DMV and the court, so taking it increases your chances of getting one portion of your sentence right away, and makes it likely you can get your license reinstated more rapidly.
  2. Follow all conditions of your bond.  With second or higher DUI cases, the court often requires that you not drive without a valid license and insurance (which is the law anyway), and that you abstain from any legal or illegal substances, and avoid the locations where alcohol is sold. Not following any conditions or instructions associated with your bond would result in you being held without bail.
  3. Gather character reference letters.  Gather any character reference letters, letters of recommendation, proof of school or work, and any notable awards or achievements. They help.
  4. Collect medical records. Any medical records that may show any physical or neurological defects that may help explain your behavior in the DUI case are helpful.
  5. Don’t get arrested while this DUI case is pending.  That’s self explanatory.
  6. Don’t miss any court dates, and stay in contact with your Orange County DUI attorney

Contact our law firm if you have any questions about DUI cases.  Our firm can help you and we are happy to do so.

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